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At Eye Level Learning Center of Westford, we recognize that curriculum-related struggles can impact a student's self-esteem. That's why we take the time to understand your child's strengths and weaknesses and then tailor the program to match his/her needs. We will help your child develop an effective study habit and overcome the obstacles that impact his or her ability to excel academically. With reasonable rates and a friendly, well-trained staff, Eye Level is the tutoring service to trust when your child needs academic help. We are the leading provider in supplemental education in the areas of Math and English. Our philosophy is that every child has the potential to learn and master math, reading, and writing. We enable students to realize this potential by bringing the instructional materials to the eye-level of your child. By conducting a thorough Diagnostic Assessment, we are able to isolate your child's strengths and areas of development. We then create a specifically tailored program that builds upon your child's strengths and use these strengths to help develop areas of weaker understanding.








We have enrolled into both English and Math. The instructors spend one hour each with the kid and give more attention on the subjects. The create a curriculum based on the students level. Our kid enjoys the class room as well as the doing the work book at home. The center director regularly talks about overall kid's improvements and listens parents' concern. They have flexible schedule too. Though we have to travel for 25 miles to go to the center, we think it's worth to travel. It is great place for kids who want individual attention, special curriculum and more.
--Sakthy A

Both my kids love this place. Eye Level Math encourages practical skills in critical thinking and problem solving. It helps them to think out of the box. The students/teacher ratio is very low and kids get lot of attention from the teacher. The teachers focus on kids learning, extremely encouraging and supportive to the kids. Based on the child's abilities teacher's tweak the study material. The best part is kids get lot of attention on areas of improvement. Teachers make sure that kids sustained improvement over time. Center head spends lot of time talking to parents about the kid’s progress like strong areas of kids, areas needed improvements. Even we receive lot of email communications about the kid’s progress and test scores. They also does lot of research on neighboring school districts to make sure that their curriculum is aligned and above the standards. My kids attend different competitive exams (bighelp...), the teachers goes out of their way and spend extra time and effort to research about those exams and train the kids for those exams. I would recommend Eye Level Westford to anyone.
--Narendra V.


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Eye Level Learning Center of Westford
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